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    five stars FIVE STAR AWARD5 stars


    NEW FOR 2014-2015:


    The FIVE STAR AWARD will be awarded to all MISD local PTAs who complete a minimum of five (5) items per each of the five (5) and submit documentation by the May 1st deadline. 


    • Update local PTA website OR PTA page on school's website.
    • Post Executive Board members contact information, By-laws and Standing Rules to Local PTA website.
    • Send out at least one newsletter (via snail mail OR email) to Local PTA membership per semester.
    • Publicize Executive Board and General Meeting dates and times to all parents.
    • Host an Executive Board and/or Committee Chair Mixer.
    • Publicize PTA calendar events on at least 2 of the following: school marquee sign, message board, web site or other public access areas.
    • Open the floor to questions and comments at two general meetings. (Time limits suggested.)
    • Send articles of interest to local news media to promote your school and PTA in the community.


    • Increase overall membership by 5 percent over last year’s totals.
    • Have a coordinated membership drive kick-off during your schools registration or Meet the Teacher.
    • Offer incentive to teachers to promote membership to individuals or memberships to homeroom/tutorial classes.
    • Submit dues/membership to State PTA for “Early Bird Award” by September 30. (did not have to receive the award, just submit)
    • Submit dues/membership to State PTA by fall deadline of October 15.
    • Receive the Texas PTA Golden Apple Award for faculty/staff memberships.
    • Hold a Fall AND a Spring membership drive.
    • Actively promote the benefits of joining  PTA using two mediums.


    • Participate in PTA “Connection Day” (September)
    • Participate in ANY Annual State-wide PTA event (Rally Day, etc.)
    • Have representation at both fall MISD Council PTA meetings (September & October)
    • Have representation at both spring MISD Council PTA meetings (February & April)
    • Submit MISD Council PTA dues ($75)
    • Submit Council Reflections fees ($25)
    • Have Council fundraiser representative position on Local PTA Board.
    • Sponsor one event in which the community is invited to attend.


    • Send a minimum of two (2) officers/chairs to LOT (Leadership Officer Training) or Officer and Chair Training. (Fall or Spring)
    • Send at least 1 officer or chair to the State PTA Convention or Summer Leadership Seminar. (SLS)
    • Conduct a minimum of two (2) Executive Board/General Meetings with formal agendas.  (as described by Local PTA By-Laws)
    • Pay Texas State sales tax on time to the Texas State Comptroller. 
    • Document all Executive Board officers with LOT Training certification.
    • Develop, present and vote on plans for excess funds or for mini-grants.
    • Offer “buy out option” for PTA fundraiser reward day.
    • Submit fundraiser to the MISD Director of Developments “Fundraiser Database”

    5. IMPACT 

    • Host a minimum of one (1) family inclusion event per semester.
    • Host a minimum of one (1) parent enrichment or education event.
    • Host a minimum of one (1) educational event or program that directly impacts student.
    • Sponsor a teacher appreciation event.
    • Submit a minimum of one (1) Reflections entry per grade. (k-12 as applies to the campus)
    • Slate officers according to Local PTA By-Laws and Texas PTA Nominating Committee Procedures.
    • Maintain a list of events / programs sponsored by and donations given by your PTA for the current calendar year.
    • Submit Financial Reconciliation report by the first Fall meeting according to Local PTA By-Laws. 

    Fine Print:  Objectives must be met during the academic year 2014-15 to qualify.  Local PTAs may submit at any time after October 1, 2014. Deadline for 2014-15 is May 1, 2015. You may attach supporting documents to the application here if desired. Electronic submissions are encouraged. Contact Stephanie Grosz at groszfam@yahoo.com with any questions.